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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What is Chapter 7?

It is a law designed to eliminate your debt related to credit cards, medical bills, utility bills, personal loans and stop creditor harassment.

Chapter 7 is known as Liquidation

  • It takes four to six months from the date of filing to the final discharge
  • You can file only once in six years
  • It allows filers to give up assets in exchange for discharge of their debts
  • It gives you options for people who have few or no assets, often little or no income, and a lot of debt
  • It stays on your credit score for 10 years

Each year, Chapter 7 helps tens of thousands of people start down the road to a debt free and non harassment life. The U.S. Bankruptcy code was specially written to provide fast, real, legally binding debt relief and protection. Don’t wait any longer; you can get out of debt without sacrificing your future.
The bankruptcy laws allow for strong protections with what are known as “exemptions,” and they may play a big roll in your personal financial recovery.